Meet the Reporters

Gloria Dickie

Gloria Dickie is a master’s of environmental journalism student at CU. Originally from Ontario, Canada, she studied media, information and technology at the University of Western Ontario while working full-time as a news and features editor for The Gazette, Western’s daily student newspaper. In 2012, she held the title of editor-in-chief for the paper’s 106th volume. Gloria’s primary journalistic interests are environmental crime and wildlife conservation. This semester she will be covering the science & environment beat for Newsgathering I, as well as crime & punishment. Her work has appeared in, The London Free Press and Beat Magazine.

Jessica Caballero

Lars Gesing


Lars Gesing is a first-year master of journalism student at CU. He focuses on gathering news for print and broadcast media. He provides you with a foreigner’s perspective – as Lars came all the way from Hamburg, Germany, to harvest journalistic wisdom within the United States. When he’s not out there chasing the next big story, his favorite pastime is to discover his passion for American sports, but also to foster his amour for that thing called, well, here it is called “soccer.”

Lauren Maslen

IMG_2400 (1)

Upon graduating from CU-Boulder in 2011 with degrees in broadcast journalism, film studies, and a certificate in international media, Lauren Maslen decided to take a slightly divergent path from many of her peers. She packed up her life and moved to Seoul, South Korea, where she taught at a private English-language school for a year and a half. Maslen has lived, worked and studied across various continents and cultures throughout her life. Her interests focus on education, culture, music and the arts, and their impact on the global community.

Kirsten Ellis

Kendall Brunette


Kendall Brunette is an environmental journalism graduate student at CU.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in natural resources from Cornell University. After graduation, Kendall moved back to her hometown of Pinedale, Wyo., where she worked as the communications coordinator at the Wyoming Land Trust. Kendall’s journalism interests revolve around environmental issues facing the Rocky Mountain West.  During the winter, Kendall can be found snowboarding local mountains, while her summers are spent enjoying time on the lake.


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