Weekly round-up: Appelbaum and Plass run for Boulder mayor

By Lars Gesing

Boulder city council will elect a new mayor during its next meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 19. This past week, both current mayor Matt Appelbaum and contender Tim Plass gave short presentations asking for their fellow councilmen and women’s votes, the Daily Camera reported. The presentations were a novelty after accusations of behind-the-scenes-dealing emerged during the 2011 selection process.


Boulder County posted the lowest foreclosure rate of all 12 metropolitan counties in Colorado earlier this week, according to the Boulder County Business Report. Thus, the county had only 32 total foreclosure sales in the past three months, or one for every 3,853 households. These numbers mark a 55 percent decrease versus those posted after the 2012 third quarter. The paper based its findings on data released by the Colorado Division of Housing on Thursday.


It’s been about two months since the historic Colorado floods hit the Front Range. Over the course of the last weeks, a growing number of reports on road re-openings accumulated. The Blue Line recently published a timelapse video showing how construction crews rebuilt one of the hard hit roads in just 3.5 days.


According to a Denver Post report, Colorado regulators have begun surveying marijuana business in the state in an effort to determine the price of pot. That information is essential for lawmakers to implement an excise tax that voters across Colorado approved earlier this month.

However, regulators face a challenging task. As marijuana businesses will initially grow pretty much everything they sale, the wholesale price that is subject to the new tax is really just pot shifting from one entity within the business to another one without cash flow.

That’s where an “average market rate” comes into play that regulators are trying to determine with the help of a questionnaire in order to be able to still collect taxes on these in-house sales.


In the ongoing energy municipalization debate, Xcel spokeswoman Michelle Aguayo told Newsteam Boulder last week that her company expects energy rates to rise if the city build its own utility. Click here to see the report on how prices might develop in case of one outcome or the other.


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