Health and Recreation Round-Up for November 15

By Kirsten Ellis

Winter Sports

On Tuesday, the forecast did not anticipate that the mountains could get up to a foot of snow this weekend.  But its time to sharpen and wax your skis, snow is fluttering down, and the mountain resorts should see 12 inches by Sunday afternoon, according to The National Weather Service.

The Daily Camera reported that this year is already Boulder’s ninth-snowiest year on record.  Here’s to the beginning of a great ski season!

The Affordable Care Act

It has been an uncertain week for private health insurance and the Affordable Care Act.  250,000 lower end policies in Colorado alone were due to be cancelled this year because they did not meet new law requirements effective Jan. 1, but President Obama announced that these policies can be extended for another year if the state regulators and insurance companies decide to allow customers to renew their existing policies.  The Denver Post explains what you need to know about Obamas cancelled policies.

The most common advice to consumers is to call your insurance company to ask what your options are, and check the online marketplace to see if you might have better coverage options through the Affordable Care Act.

Boulder Ice Rink

The downtown Boulder ice rink announced today that they will not re-open for the 2013-2014 season, citing major mechanical issues.  They are also unsure if they will open next year, according to The Daily Camera.


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