The Colorado Education round-up for November 8

By Lauren Maslen

Boulder Valley School District

Boulder Valley School District is in the running for a nation-wide $90,000 grant which would pay for a farm-to-school coordinator in BVSD schools, along with further education for students about healthy eating habits, according to the Daily Camera. Almost half of Colorado schools currently participate in farm-to-school food programs, and BVSD currently spends 25 to 30 percent of its food budget on local food and products.


It may become more difficult for out of state students to gain in-state tuition at CU-Boulder. Students seeking in-state tuition can currently claim emancipation; however, changes in documents may prevent many students from applying for emancipation. According to the Boulder Daily Camera, “A student who successfully establishes emancipation and earns residency pays roughly 67 percent less in tuition than out-of-state students.”

Amendment 66

Amendment 66 failed with a resounding no throughout Colorado earlier this week, ending in disappointment in Boulder County where the education amendment passed. Districts throughout the state are moving forward and picking up the pieces of Amendment 66 to see what works for tax payers and what doesn’t, said the Denver Post.


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