Amendment 66 – Some pros and cons


Amendment 66 looks to raise nearly $1 billion dollars per year for Colorado public schools. This ballot measure will give Principals like Jon Wolfer of Douglass Elementary School in Boulder, a chance to expand programs —

Wolfer: Funding for kindergarten that would enable us to have full day kindergarten at Douglass, compared to the half time program that we currently have — and that’s a big deal, to get kids started off on the right foot in elementary school.

But Briggs Gamblin is hopeful. As director of communications for Boulder Valley School District, he told me how the money would be distributed —

Gamblin: Approximately $17 million in additional funding annually to address our vision, mission, and goals will be available. How that gets spent will be determined by the local school board and the budget process

But not everyone is convinced that Amendment 66 is going to do much for public schools. CU Boulder professor Michele Moses, a passionate activist for opportunity access for children in low-income families, sees one drawback to 66 —

Moses: It’s too easy for more advantaged schools, wealthier neighborhoods, to get more of the benefits than the lower-income schools who struggle more financially and I don’t know if Amendment 66 is going to help.

But despite the uncertainty of this ballot measure, Wolfer still remains optimistic for the students of Douglass Elementary if Amendment 66 were to pass —

Wolfer: It sounds like the district is considering expanding preschool, so that we can provide more preschool slots for kids, for 3 and 4 year olds — research has been pretty clear that early education, early efforts to intervene with kids who are behind will help get them on the right track for their public school education.

For Under the Flatirons, this is Jessica Caballero, don’t forget to vote on November 5.


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