Weekly Round-Up — Nov. 1


A recent report released by Boulder’s Clean Energy Action claims the U.S. is reaching the end of its minable coal deposits at a faster rate than previously predicted.  According to the Boulder Daily Camera, the report listed 2008 as the year in which the U.S. reached peak coal production. U.S. coal companies mined 1.171 billion tons of coal in 2008.  By 2012, production dropped to 1.016 billion tons.


Rep. B.J. Nikkel, spokesperson for the oil and gas industry, spoke out about Boulder County’s fracking controversy just days before residents vote on the proposed oil and gas ballot measures in Boulder and Lafayette.  According to Boulder Weekly, Nikkel claims that local anti-fracking groups receive significant funding for their campaign efforts – comparative to the amounts raised for industry-backed campaigns.  Nikkel also said that concerns about fracking’s impact on human health and groundwater are largely exaggerated.  Nikkel’s work at iKue Strategies is funded, in large part, by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association.


Opponents of Boulder’s anti-fracking ballot measure contributed $606,205 – 99.7 percent of which came from the Colorado Oil and Gas Association – toward the pro-fracking campaign.  According to Grist, groups contributing to the anti-fracking campaign have raised only $16,000 in their fight against fracking in four Colorado cities – Boulder, Fort Collins, Lafayette and Broomfield.


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