Weekly Round-Up — October 24

By Kendall Brunette


Colorado’s oil and gas industry faces environmental opposition in light of deteriorating air quality along the Front Range.  According to the Daily Camera, regional smog currently exceeds federal standards and many scientists blame the oil and gas industry.  Newly proposed rules call for emission reductions throughout the oil and gas industry in an effort to reduce local smog levels.


A new study by the University of Colorado-Boulder shows unprecedented warming trends in the Arctic.  According to the Denver iJournal, modern average summer temperatures in the Arctic are higher now than any other time in the last 44,000 years.  CU Professor Gifford Miller examined dead moss clumps as they surfaced from receding ice caps and determined through radiocarbon dating that those previously-frozen clumps had not been exposed to the elements since at least 44,000 years ago.


The Colorado Department of Agriculture released draft regulations governing the state’s industrial hemp industry.  According to Denver Westword, under the proposed regulations, Colorado’s hemp growers face a $200 fee, plus an additional $1 per acre to grow industrial hemp.  Hemp farmers must also disclose the location of their crop and are subject to state inspections for THC content.


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