This Week in Health & Recreation: New booze rules, saving precious photos and backpacks for the homeless

By Kendall Brunette


For the second time, city council members examine new land-use regulations in an effort to curb alcohol over-consumption on University Hill in Boulder.  According to KDVR, the new set of regulations propose creating a distinction between low- and high-intensity alcohol establishments and amending the 500-foot waiver allowing beer and wine sales near the CU campus.


Boulder Photo Rescue, a team of three Boulder women, volunteers to recover precious personal photos that were damaged by September’s flood.  According to the Daily Camera, Heather Burns Knierim, Diana Ewing and Meg Blum donate their time to clean, dry and restore these tokens of sentimental value for people who otherwise assumed their photos were flood casualties.


The Chicago-based CITYPAK program lends a hand to Boulder’s homeless community by providing custom backpacks.  The backpacks are designed to meet the needs of a homeless lifestyle with features such as wrist straps to prevent the packs from theft while a person sleeps on the street.  According to Denver Westword News, CITYPAK distributed the second round of backpacks to Boulder’s homeless population this week.


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