DA Stan Garnett speaks against death penalty

By Lars Gesing

Boulder police are currently searching for a male who is suspected to have started a fire in front of Ideal Market on Alpine Avenue on Aug. 31. The man — identified by security camera footage as a 20- to 30-year-old wearing a red t-shirt with white lettering on the front and back, blue jeans and white tennis shoes — is wanted in connection with arson.


The Daily Camera published an extensive obituary for 64-year-old Boulder resident James Fogelberg, who was struck and killed by a car while cycling close to his workplace in Fort Collins on Tuesday evening. Daily Camera staff writer Mitchell Byars called Fogelberg “a man of many gifts.”


9news.com reports of human rights groups making a new call to set an end to the death penalty in Colorado. 9news quotes Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett, who opposes the death penalty: “We certainly can protect society effectively with life without parole sentences and that is in the best interest of the community. It saves money. It is appropriate, and it maintains human dignity.”


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