Transformation in Colorado public education

By Jessica Caballero

Government shutdown affects tech progression in education

In his digital education blog on Education Week, Benjamin Herold reports that the government shutdown has halted talks on an FCC proposal of the E-Rate Program, which would provide federal funding for school libraries to buy telecommunication services at discounted prices. The program is an attempt to fulfill President Obama’s goal to have 99 percent of the nation’s students with access to high speed internet within five years.

Colorado closing gaps on minority graduation rates

Census data released Sept. 23 indicates that both high school and college graduation rates for black and Latino minority groups have improved, bringing Colorado up on the list of states with the biggest education gaps between white and black adults, just above Connecticut and Massachusetts, which have the biggest gaps.

Denver Public School Board: The most important race you’re not paying attention to

Denver public schools have been in a tumultuous period of transformation since the last school board elections, and with four out of seven of the seats on the board being voted on in the next election this November, new faces could mean dramatic changes to the focus of funding and improvement for failing schools. Meet candidates Rosario de Baca, Rosemary Rodriguez, Michael Kiley, Barbara O’Brien and Joan Poston.



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