Mixed reception on income tax rise for Colorado public schools

by Jessica Caballero

Support for Amendment 66 is not as strong as recent claims suggest

9News has learned that State Sen. Michael Johnston’s claims that Amendment 66 — the income tax increase that would bring a reported $1 billion a year to fund education — has shown to be supported by only 38 percent of a 600-person vote, where the senator boasted support in the 52-54 percent range to the state’s Education Leadership Council on Aug 1.

Denver/Aurora school districts, CASB endorse Amendment 66

The Colorado Association of School Boards added Denver and Aurora school districts to the list of supporters for Amendment 66. The votes came in at 6:1 and 7:0, respectively, in favor of the tax increase to benefit Colorado’s public schools.

Aspen voters go neutral on Amendment 66

With gauges on support for Amendment 66 jumping up and down all over the state, Aspen School Board has decided to take a neutral stance and several members have stated that they will write a guest opinion piece in the local newspaper to explain what the measure could mean for their community.


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