This Week in Health & Recreation: Bad veggies, worse fruit and a dim future for Boulder County recreationists


Boulder County residents won’t find themselves enjoying the county’s abundant parks, opens spaces and trails any time soon.  According to the Times-Call, preliminary estimates of flood damages to these popular recreation areas are approximately $25 million.  While some initial reopening dates have been announced, several trails, parks and open spaces will remain closed indefinitely.


The devastating Colorado floods have passed, but the risk of contaminated produce has not.  According to Carol O’Meara of the Daily Camera, any produce in contact with or near floodwater could be contaminated with Giardia, E. coli, Hepatitis A and other foodborne illnesses.  While some thick-rind produce like pumpkins, may be safe to consume after sanitizing with bleach solution, O’Meara recommends avoiding all food that may have contacted polluted floodwater.


Two Holly, Colo., farmers face up to six years in federal prison, according to 9News.  Federal prosecutors cite poor food handling and cleaning practices for the 2011 Listeria outbreak that killed 33 people and sickened more than 100.  The outbreak was traced back to Jensen Farms where tainted cantaloupe caused the deadliest food-borne disease outbreak in 50 years, 9News reports.


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